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    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    Photos from the Ben Cousins week.

    For what was is ultimately an historical moment for the club in its history- it was great to see two particular organisations capture the moment for posterity.

    Firstly, Mr James Buchanan - a freelance photographer and multimedia expert snapped approximately 120 shots from that day. And can be located at JBPROPHOTO

    A Richmond supporter, his decisions to document the majority of the players on film, allows everyone to understand the scope and magnitude of the day.

    Secondly, Slattery Media - official photographers of the AFL, have an extensive collection from the day and the press conference at GSP IMAGES

    If you have taken any photographs this week, you are welcome to send them to RFC Photos and I will post your photo up (with your credit of course) for all to see.

    - Rhett Bartlett

    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Guernsey Numbers has learnt that Tyrone Vickery will receive the Number 29 Guernsey.

    It is believe that the remaining new draftees will be provided with guernsey numbers 37 and potentially 27.

    Saturday, November 29, 2008

    NAB Draft in a nutshell

    Richmond select 3 players in the 2008 NAB AFL Draft.

    Pick 8: Tyrone Vickery from Sandringham Dragons

    Pick 26: Jaydyn Post from Western Jets.

    Pick 58: Tom Hislop from Essendon FC

    Pick 70: Pass


    It is worth nothing that if Vickery does end up playing League Football , he will become only the 5th Richmond player whose surname begins with a 'V', out of 1,077 Richmond players.
    (George Valentine 1924-1926, Stan Vandersluys 1953, Royce Vardy 2000-2003, Daryl Vernon 1981, 1985)

    We have had a HISLOP play with us before, Gordon Hislop (1923-1924) and Max Hislop (1917-24, 1927).

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Vale Mr Max Oppy

    Max Oppy, one of the club's great rovers, has passed away at the age of 84.
    He was one of the last remaining 1943 Richmond Premiership players.

    Oppy was born Wiliam Max, grew up in Maryborough and barracked for Essendon.
    The great Dick Reynolds was his cousin. In the 1943 Grand Final- Oppy was only 18 years ago, and given the job of tagging the Essendon champion.

    If I was given a job to do I would do it to the best of my ability. They talk about taggers or whatever today, virtually that was my job for the day. Didn’t matter where he went on the field, whether he went off the ball, I went to the back pocket. Didn’t matter where dick Reynolds went , it was to keep him out of the play, because at that time he was the match winning rover and probably the best rover of the league at that time. That was the job , to blanket him and keep him out of the game.
    Dick got about 6 stitches in his eyes but that was alright, he snuck into my fist.
    - interview with Rhett Bartlett in Aug 2004.

    Richmond won that day, and Oppy was applauded by spectators and the media for his role.
    The following year, the Tigers lost the 1944 Grand Final to Fitzroy.

    Oppy played 185 games for Richmond, became a Life Member, and was inducted into the Richmond Hall of Fame, on the same night his life long friend, Des Rowe, was inducted. That had met each other when they were 15 years old, when Oppy's Richmond locker was next to his.

    His last game of football was Rd 18 1954 vs Collingwood- he was chaired off the ground, and later admitted that it bought him to tears.

    He also captained Richmond twice, both times when Des Rowe was unavailable. Coincidentally, both times were against Collingwood, and both times Richmond won.
    'My record as captain is the best at Richmond, tell you now' - he told me. He is right- 100% strike rate.

    He also coached the club in 1956, replacing Alby Pannam. Oppy coached for just that one year, winning 6 of the 18 games.
    As a coach I think Ill forget about it. I always say I am one of the sacked coaches. As Jack Dyer said there’s only two types of coaches, the sacked ones and the ones that are going to get sacked.

    In later life, he excelled at golf, winning a club chapmionship, and representated Australia at a Sportsman Event in England, the day after the British Open.

    When I met him for our interview 4 years ago, he was living in Sorrento, in a small house , by himself.
    He had scrapbooks on the table, easily recalled his first game of football, and was unfazed by a heart attack he had suffered earlier in the year.
    After our interview he led me outside to my car, across the road was an old cemetery, no more than 30 metres from his house.
    'Look on the bright side Rhett', he said ' when I die, I don't have far to go'

    RIP Mr Oppy.

    - Rhett Bartlett

    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    Belated Condolences

    I have only recently received notification of the passing of several Richmond footballers during the 2008 season.
    So I feel it necessary to list them here with a short bio

    1. Mr Frank Hughes Jnr
    Frank, was the son of Richmond 1932 Premiership Coach 'Checker' Hughes.
    I was lucky enough to meet Frank Hughes in 2003, whereby our interview formed the entire basis of the 'Checker' Hughes chapter in my book RICHMOND FC: A Century of League Football.
    You can read Frank's story from page 58- 61

    He had a great understanding of the key role his father played in Richmond's history, and Frank himself, played for Richmond in 1944 for 3 games (and later Melbourne 1945 8 games).
    Frank accepted his the award for his father's induction into the Richmond Hall of Fame.

    He passed away 1 April 2008 at the age of 86 years old.

    2. Mr Peter Sherman

    Peter died on July 30th 2008 at the age of 83 years.

    I interviewed Peter on 27 October 2001 at his home in the Sth East Suburbs.
    Of the interview, only 1 paragraph made it into my Richmond publication- page 74, Peter's wonderful description of the physical specimen Dyer was, once stripped in the dressing rooms.

    Peter played for Richmond in 1947 for only 2 games. However was a member of Richmond's 1946 Reserves Premiership.
    I recall he had wonderful knowledge regarding the Australian Navy, and its role during World War 2.

    On a side note, he is the only person I have interviewed, who bought along his own tape recorder for the interview.
    His suggestions on how to prepare for an interview (based on his history when creating an oral history of the Navy), is something I am grateful to have learnt.

    Friday, November 7, 2008

    Richmond FC: 'The Tigers' Publication signed by KB!

    Available for purchase, the reprint of the Richmond Centenary Publication
    'Richmond FC- The Tigers- A Century of League Football'

    The first edition of this book has sold out, and as a result, a second edition has been printed (but not alot of copies!).
    This version includes updated player guernsey numbers at the back of the book.

    It will come personally signed with a message from the author (including any special dedication you want) and the signature of Richmond Immortal Kevin Bartlett

    A great gift idea for any football or Richmond supporter as we approach Christmas.

    This publication costs only $65 (which includes postage and handling anywhere in australia, as well as signed by the author.)

    You can purchase the book directly and securely by credit card through the Buy Now option below (via PayPal), or contact me for alternate payment methods at

    Your purchase is safe and secure and I will personally email you to confirm receipt of your payment.
    - Rhett Bartlett

    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    Farewell Mr Roberts

    Mr Ken Roberts, who played 58 games for Richmond from 1947-1951, passed away on October 21st at the age of 83.

    Mr Roberts played half back flank, was runner up in the 1949 Best and Fairest and won the Best First year Player Award in 1947.
    He was a life member of the Richmond Former Players and Official Association.

    Mr Roberts also played in Jack Dyer's last game in 1949.

    Condolences to the Roberts family.

    Friday, October 24, 2008

    Richmond's 2009 AFL Draw (click to enlarge)

    (courtesy of the AFL website, and the screenshot capture from my IMAC)

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Former Richmond VFA player blogging!

    Imagine , if 100 years ago, we had a former player in the heart of Richmond, who could tell us all that is happening in the great place of Tigerland.

    Well wish no more- a tongue in cheek look, as the mighty Jack Hutchison (Richmond VFA goalkicking machine and premiership player) has agreed to keep us all in touch with the latest Richmond news from 1908-1909. (yes cash did exchange hands)

    Everyday check his latest entry out at:

    Saturday, October 4, 2008

    RFC Season 2008 Season in Review- Part 2

    (the audio may need to buffer for a minute once Play is pressed.)

    Thursday, October 2, 2008

    RFC 2008 Season in Review Podcast- Part 1

    (the audio may need to buffer for a minute once Play is pressed.)

    Part 2 will be available online in the coming days.

    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    Scarlett as KB.

    For those who missed it.
    Matthew Scarlett, shaved his head , simliar to Dave Lawson in the Toyota Ad- to look like my old man, KB. Scarlett showed off his new haircut at Mad Monday- two days after the Grand Final.

    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    Richmond wins 2008 Grand Final Sprint

    Matthew White wins the 2008 Grand Final sprint off scratch.
    Below is a screen capture of the finish (courtesy of Channel 7 + EyeTV) and a video of the race and post match interview (courtesy and copyrighted by Channel 7)

    KB Toyota Ad Little Known Fact 3

    The recreation of the Stan Magro goal from 1980- resulted in Stphen Curry wearing a Magro wig.
    KB was unaware that Curry had put the wig on , until he saw the ad on tv one month later.

    KB Toyota Ad Little Known Fact 2

    Little Known Fact 2- the first few hours of the shoot , KB was wearing dark runners, This resulted in him straining both hamstrings, and as a result a pair of old footy boots were located, and the manufacturers logo was 'taped over'.

    KB Toyota Ad Little Known Fact 1.

    Some snapshots from the Toyota Ad (courtesy of my EyeTV on my IMAC)

    Little known Fact #1- KB's reaction to Dave Lawson shaving off his hair- is authentic. KB was unaware of what Dave was doing until the cameras rolled. At first KB thought the hair was a wig.

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Rhettrospective all on the internet...

    On YouTube (historical videos on Jack Dyer, Bill Morris, Jack O'Rourke and early VFL):

    On Twitter (for breaking Richmond news and the 'Tiger Twitter'- a daily look at a different Richmond player)

    On Email (for any richmond historical queries): Email me

    KB Toyota Ad (to see the old man at his finest):

    coming soon....

    Rhettrospective Podcast (a short review of the 2008 season)

    and a live WEBCHAT (in which you can participate) with Richmond Immortal KEVIN BARTLETT.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Richmond relative ?

    always on the lookout:

    Did your relative play football for the Richmond Football Club (VFA / Seniors / Reserves / Under 19's / Under 17's ).
    If so, I would love to hear from you. Even if you don't know much about their career- or have heard 'stories' that they played for Richmond- drop me a line and I can see what I can answer.
    Email me : (just cut and paste the address into an email)

    Was your relative an official of the Richmond Football Club (VFA ? VFL ? AFL?). If so, I would love to hear from you as well

    I am of particular interest to know of anyone who is a relative of a VFA Richmond player.

    Saturday, August 9, 2008

    The Meaning of Football- as told by Tom Hafey to Rhett Bartlett

    Below is my 5th video relating to Richmond.
    I created this movie in response to the Melbourne International Short Film Festival 'The Meaning of Football'.
    I submitted this video but was unsuccessful in reaching the final 10.

    So I post this on here for your viewing.
    It is entitled, The Meaning of Football- as told by Tom Hafey to Rhett Bartlett.
    Copyright Rhett Bartlett 2008

    John Ritchie

    I noticed in the Herald Sun Death Notices, during this week, the passing of former Richmond player Mr John Ritchie.

    Mr Ritchie played from 1951- 1955, for 40 games and 2 goals. He wore numbers 35 and 30 during his career.
    As a half back flanker,he started his career with Richmond for the Thirds in 1949.

    By 1951, he was playing in the senior team -his debut, Round 4 1951 against Hawthorn; the Tigers won.
    He played during one of Richmond's least successful eras on the field. Of the 40 games - only 19 were victories.

    In 1955, he was a member of the Reserves Premiership side , which defeated Footscray by 30 points
    In 1956, he was appointed captain of the Reserves - with the 'Cubs' making the Preliminary Final , before losing to South Melbourne by 21 points. The Cubs would not make the finals for another 8 years. That same year he tied for the Reserves Best and Fairest with Charlie Flannagan.

    A Reserves Premiership player, Captain and Best and Fairest - our condolences to his family and friends.

    Eat Em Alive Tiger.

    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Greg Miller

    It is being reported on both radio and print, that Greg Miller has quit the club, as director of football.
    There is no official comment from Mr Miller or the club at the moment.

    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Mr Peter Welsh

    It has sadly come to my attention, that 1980 premiership player Peter Welsh died last night after a long battle with illness.
    Our condolences to the Welsh family.

    Information on Peter's career can be located at his Wikipedia page.

    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Richmond History- SOS - Can you help ?

    In this, the centenary year of the Richmond Football Club in the AFL - it is an opportune time to send out an SOS, to supporters, history buffs, casual observers - regarding a two points around Richmond and its history.

    Can you assist below ?


    The AFL Record has been in existence since 1912.
    That means there is approximately 1,950 Richmond Football Club records produced.

    Most Richmond records from 1960- Present Day are in collectors hands, Richmond Museum, Ebay etc etc ,
    but it is the Richmond records from 1912 - 1959 that are more difficult to locate.

    So this SOS request is simple. If you have any Richmond records covering 1912 - 1959; and would be comfort to advise me, I hope to maintain a list of what records pre 1960 are in existence. There is no intention to purchase the records from you, and you can remain anonymous, I would just like to attempt to identify how many of the pre 1960 Richmond records are in existence.

    So feel free to drop an email to:
    Rhett Bartlett


    My next book project I am attempting to work on, is a detailed list of the following; every:

    + Senior Richmond match
    + Reserves Richmond match
    + Under 19's Richmond Match
    + Little League Richmond match
    + Unique matches involving RFC (ie: Appeals / Practice Matches / Post Season Matches / Pre Season Matches)

    - for each of these points, I am attempting to documents the score, goalkickers, players for the teams, and unique tidbits that accompany the game.

    - all score details of Senior Richmond matches exist, so do their related teams , goalkickers etc.

    - if anyone is able to provide any information of score, teams, players, goalkickers for the Reserves/Under 19's/ Little League/ Unique Matches (listed above) please email me below.

    Even the smallest piece of information is appreciated- as you never know, you might be the only person to discover it, or be aware of it. So think back to matches you saw growing up, or newspaper cuttings you might have- see what you can find.

    - as well, I am looking for any interesting tidbits from any matches in Richmond history. These tidbits can range from , Richmond players acting as runners, unique umpiring decisions, unique moments on the field, changing in guernsey numbers, goalkicking feats (ie: 6 goals in a quarter), 'firsts' in Richmond matches, 'lasts' in Richmond matches. Any notes of interest about any matches would be much appreciated.

    These can be emailed to me at :
    Rhett Bartlett

    - Thank you
    Rhett Bartlett

    Wednesday, July 9, 2008

    Richmond FC: The Tigers- Book Update

    Hello all.
    I have received several more copies of RICHMOND FC: The Tigers. These books come personally signed by both KEVIN BARTLETT and myself.

    Should you wish to order some, just click on the Shopping Cart image further down the page.
    Total cost is only $55- including postage and handling to you in Australia- and signed by Richmond Immortal Kevin Bartlett.


    - Rhett Bartlett

    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Bill Morris - You Tube Documentary

    Here is my 4th mini Richmond documentary - this one is about the brilliant, yet flawed, Bill Morris.
    Feedback welcomed to

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Jack Dyer- his final game

    Here is a short documentary I have edited, produced and narrated regarding Jack Dyer's last game of League Football.
    Further documentaries I have created can be found further down on this site.

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    KB Signed copies of 'The Tigers- A Century of League Football'

    You can now purchase signed copies of the Richmond Centenary Publication
    'Richmond FC- The Tigers- A Century of League Football' through this website.

    The book was 10 years in the making, and launched by Kevin Bartlett, at the Punt Road Ground- his first official appearance there in 16 years.

    The book is 272 pages- an includes first hand accounts of the entire 100 years of the club- from Tom Hafey to Roy Wright to Kevin Bartlett to Matthew Richardson to Bill Barrot to Royce Hart to Francis Bourke. As well, revealling insights from teammates of Jack Dyer and close associates of Graeme Richmond.

    As well the book contains rare unpublished photographs of many tigers moments and treasures, as well as a complete list of every Richmond player since 1908 including their respective guernsey numbers and games played.

    This is a must for true football fans and Richmond supporters. Not many copies of this book are left to purchase, but you can by your copy of this book SIGNED by KEVIN BARTLETT and myself for only $55.00 (includes safe postage within Australia).

    You can purchase the book directly and securely by credit card through the Add to Cart option below (via PayPal), or contact me for alternate payment methods at

    Your purchase is safe and secure and I will personally email you to confirm receipt of your payment.
    - Rhett Bartlett

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Jack O'Rourke - RFC - In Memoriam Doco

    Please find below a short documentary I edited, narrated and produced regarding the late Jack O'Rourke.
    I hope you find the information and the documentary of interest
    All audio in the documentary is copyright. Photos were supplied by personal collections , Richmond Museum.
    - Rhett Bartlett.

    The blog can also be viewed at this link:


    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    RFC 1908 -1919 - Doco by Rhett Bartlett

    Below is a video I have created, edited and narrated using my MacBook computer.
    It runs briefly for 2mins 47 seconds and gives an overview of the era from 1908-1919 in Richmond's History.

    It is by no means professional nor meant to be official.
    The purpose of this is to test some ideas and scripting I had written- and potentially to create a full Richmond Documentary in the coming years. Other videos will hopefully be posted.

    You are welcome to post this link in other football forums if you like:

    Feedback can be sent to - love to hear from you.

    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Wallace post match comments Rd 4

    'From my point of view, I know a lot of people felt it was going to be a difficult journey. We believed we had the run'

    (On Richardson playing on the wing)
    'We've got to find out if Polak, Riewoldt, Hughes can step up to be the next generation of key forwards. I asked Richo to give up a bit of his own game. It helped us looking at the our forward line future'
    'We will do what we need to do and see what worked. Truly I think if we are going to be a side, we have to develop other players around Matthew. I think for development of the club we need to look elsewhere'

    (On some key players)
    ' I thought Kane Johnson was absolutely outstanding. He has played terrific all year. He has stepped up. I thought McMahon was outstanding player all day, really helped us with link up play'

    '(Tambling) is going to be a nice player. He is four games into a mid field career. We have played him around the edged to get games around him. He has shown now he can match it with the players in the middle'

    - courtesy of

    **Not that with Richmond's win- they are 8th on the ladder.

    Tuesday, April 8, 2008

    Tom Hafey and Kevin Bartlett respond to the criticism of Punt Road

    - By Rhett Bartlett
    Exclusive to

    Tom Hafey's style of football was always direct. So much so, that it won him 4 Premierships across 7 years as coach for Richmond.

    And his response to the claims by Andrew Dememtriou in The Age to Caroline Wilson that Punt Road was 'a crap ground to train on. It's just a bad ground and it's the wrong size.' was almost as direct.

    'That's a ridiculous statement. I think that is wrong, I don't think it is crap' Hafey said when contacted by this afternoon.

    'They talk this way because they play on perfect grounds- yet the number of players that continue to slip on perfect ground is amazing'
    '(Punt Road) is a long way better that alot of other teams have to deal with. The ground still is perfect as a training facility.

    Tommy should know, for many years he has travelled the breadth of Australia, coaching junior clubs and guest speaking at little known towns. 'How would they (footballers) go playing in Queenstown- it's just gravel!' 'Remember that Docklands was rubbished initially too! and most recently Collingwood and Brisbane played in mud and rain at the Gabba. It won't always be perfect weather and grounds wont always be perfect- regardless if it is in Western Australia or Sydney'

    When pressed further regarding suggestions that the ground size, may be consider a reasoning behind Richmond's lack of success- Hafey was adamant 'It has got nothing to do with it!' - citing instead an imbalance in the handballing and kicking stats of the Tigers on the weekend.
    In no way, Hafey suggested, does the condition of the Punt Road ground directly relate to the Tigers performance on match day.

    And 5 time Premiership player Kevin Bartlett feels the same, 'We never trained at the MCG, we trained at Punt Road, and in my opinion it never affected the Richmond style of play. It never ever impeded the Richmond style of play- and we were the longest kicking, fast kicking ball side in the competition and we trained at Punt Road.

    He points out that other teams around his time of playing and coach, played on smaller grounds:
    Go down and have a look at Hawthorn's old ground at Glenferrie Oval- it is the smallest ground in the world and they won premierships galore!

    Suggesting that Richmond's lack of success lately is due to the state of the Punt Road Ground is something Bartlett disagrees with: 'It certainly wouldn't be an excuse! Training at Punt Road wont stop you from winning a premiership.'

    And although the glorious ancient ground herself is unable to defend these Demetriou comments- there are still some Immortals who are more than happy to.

    - by Rhett Bartlett

    Sunday, April 6, 2008

    David King Rd 3 Post Match Comments

    as interviewed on 3AW.

    'we gave Collingwood too much at the start. You can't give good sides 7 of the first 8 scoring shots and expect to be in the game. You got to know when the right time to kick and when your out in space and able to execute them and that's something our players are getting wrong. We've made adjustments to the way we wanted to play from last year and sure that involves an element of handball but we've got the balance wrong at the moment- i think we have 170 odd kicks and over 200 handballs.

    Even in saying that, we still shouldn't have made errors by foot that we did.
    I think alot of the backline boys are coming along quite nicely , I think people would credit Will Thursfield to have improved, I think they would have seen that in Jake King , although he hasn't a great last fortnight, he has certainly improved. I think Kel Moore has become a player, Jay Schulz was good again today, he's had an up and down career but he's improving.
    Teams that are winning , individual form doesn't come into it. If your disciplined enough to stick to the team plans then individual form doesn't come into it.

    You recruit good kickers, you either have got that skill or haven't . It's a waste of time trying to get players who can't kick, back to square one and start again because the man hours involved in that is not available to AFL players at the moment.
    I just thought today, we talked about stepping back inside , and cutting and taking players on- not once were we brave enough to take people on, we were too straight minded earlier today and it made us pay.'

    Sunday, March 30, 2008

    Rich vs Coll Rd 3 Live Blog

    Live Blogging of Rich vs Coll.
    To replay it click the button below.
    Any feedback please email

    A reminder that RICHMOND vs FREMANTLE will be blogged live here, next Sunday @ 4.30pm (EST). We invite you all to join in on the live Richmond blog then.

    Richmond vs Nth Results

    Richmond vs Nth Melbourne
    4.40pm @ MCG

    Richmond 3.1 / 7.4 / 10.7 / 13.8.86
    Nth Melb 7.4 / 11.4/ 18.5 / 20.7.127

    Goals: Schulz 3.0, Richardson 2.3 , Hughes 1.2 , Simmonds 1.1 , Deledio 1.1 , Hyde 1.0 King 1.0 , Foley 1.0 , Brown 1.0 , Tuck 1.0

    Matthew Richardson kicks his 750th career goal during the second quarter.

    Andrew Raines leaves the field with a dislocated knee cap.

    This is billed as the 'Eureka Match' in honour of the men and women of the workforce throughout the last centenary.

    Terry Wallace Post Match Comments for Round 2 vs Nth Melbourne

    'The one thing I would like to say to our supporter base is just the fact last year we lost games and had a pretty ordinary season and at times we couldn't do anything about it , we just didn't have the blokes up and running and we had to go with the same blokes who let us down week in week out.

    I just want to let our supporter base know that we are fully fit and healthy , we've got blokes running around at Coburg- our side won by over 10 goals yesterday against the reigning Premiers.

    Blokes who don't respect their position in the side , therfore don't respect the guernsey, won't play.

    Therefore we are in a position where we can do that and we will make changes to the side til we have the right blokes in there who want to compete, so I think that supporters shouldn't walk away thinking they are going to get the same old same old, because we will throw it around and give the young blokes an opportunity until we get the right blokes in there who want to compete.

    'Collingwood have a longer break this week, so we have to come off a 7 , versus a 9 day break this week. We like it to be a 6 day break ourselves so we can get back there straight-away.

    'We were getting beaten at ground level. Clearly our boys in the midfield are extremley disappointed with their efforts, they know that , they understand that and they don't accept that but they were clearly beaten around that area and it just put pressure on every area of that game from that stage onwards. We were really smashed in that part of the game today.

    We started Andrew Raines on Corey Jones at the start of the game and wanted Rainesy to do the job and he got beaten in the first few contests and then we went to Jake King as our secondary option, we had sort of set Raines for that job all week, and it didn't work, so you have got to make changes. Jake has been able to play on taller players, he played as a Coburg player at Centre Half Back most of the time, so he has always been able to play on blokes a little bit taller than him. Corey was in fantastic form, I think he was trying to get two weeks out of one after missing last week, and credit to him I thought he played tremendously.

    We think Raines dislocated his knee cap but it certainly went back in. It's just a matter of how that sort of settles down over the next few days. We will have to wait til tomorrow to find out where he is at.'

    - Terry Wallace post match press conference versus Nth Melbourne, courtesy of

    Richmond vs Nth Melb- Rd 2- the live blog

    The live blog for Richmond vs Nth Melbourne has finished.
    But you can replay it anytime by clicking the play button below.

    Thank you to all those who participated in the live blog, we were live around the world including Japan, London, Dubai, QLD, Tassie, South Yarra (lol), Maribyrnong, Newcastle...

    And thanks to members from yellowandblack, puntroadend and bigfooty for their assistance.

    Join us for the live blog of Richmond vs Collingwood next Sunday 6th April
    @ 2pm(Melbourne time)

    All feedback regarding the live blog below can be sent to

    Friday, March 21, 2008

    Carlton vs Richmond Rd 1 2008

    Thursdy, March 20, 2008 @ MCG 6.10pm

    1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
    C: 4.3-27 , 9.6-60 , 10.10-70 11.13-79
    R: 4.3-27 , 8.5-53, 11.5-71, 17.7-109

    Goals: Richmond: Matthew Richardson 5.2, Nathan G Brown 3, Brett Deledio 2, Kayne Pettifer, Shane Tuck, Adam Pattison, Nathan Foley, Graham Polak, Daniel Jackson, Richard Tambling.

    Carlton: Brendan Fevola 2, Eddie Betts 2, Heath Scotland 2, Marc Murphy, Setanta O'hAilpin, Nick Stevens, Ryan Houlihan, Jake Edwards.

    Cameron Howat (Rch) was cited with a Level Four striking offence against Adam Hartlett (Car) during Q3.
    The MRP offered Howat a two-match suspension with an early plea.
    Richmond sought the adjudication of the Tribunal. The Tribunal found Howat guilty and suspended him for three matches.
    (courtesy of footystats)

    Matthew Richardson rises to equal 12th on the League all-time goalkicking list with 748 goals from 257 games (with Saverio Rocca - same goals and matches played)

    Richmond and Carlton meet for the 200th time in VFL History.

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    Richmond Hall of Fame 2008

    3 players were inducted into the Richmond Hall of Fame on Monday 17 March 2008, along with the elevation of Royce Hart into the Immortal category.

    1932 /1934 Premiership Player KEVIN O'NEILL

    1980 Premiership Player JIM JESS

    1980 Premiership Player GEOFF RAINES

    Rich vs Geelong - Friday 7th Match

    Challenge Match @ Skilled Stadium

    GEELONG 6.2 14.9 20.9 23.11 (149)
    RICHMOND 3.0 5.1 6.3 12.5 (77)

    Geelong: Mooney 4, Gamble 3, Byrnes 2, Ablett 2, Bartel 2, S Johnson 2, Ling 2, Corey 2, Hawkins, Wojcinski, Prismall, Blake, Mackie

    Richmond: Richardson 3, Morton 2, Deledio 2, Coughlan, Howat, White, Hughes, Foley

    Ling, Bartel, Kelly, Mackie, Prismall, Byrnes, S Johnson, Enright.
    Richmond: King, Tuck.

    Friday, February 29, 2008

    Richmond vs Swans - Challenge Cup 29th Feb 08

    Venue: Narrandera Sportsground
    Time: 7pm
    Crowd: 8,296

    Richmond: 5.5 / 10.7 / 15.8 / 17.11.113
    Swans: 3.3 / 7.7 / 11.9 / 13.10.88


    Richmond: Richardson 5, Deledio 3, Johnson 2, Hughes 1, Tuck 1, Polak 1, Pettifer 1, Tambling 1, Brown 1, White 1

    Sydney Swans: Hall 4, Bolton 2, McVeigh, Jolly, Kirk, O'Loughlin, Moore, O'Keefe, Ablett

    Team: Richardson, Deledio, Simmonds, Brown, Schultz, Pettifer, Hughes, Johnson (c), Tuck, White, McMahon, Newman, Foley, Thursfield, Pattison, Collins, Tambling, Polak.

    Notes: Robert Dipierdomenico was present as part of the AFL's 150th Celebration
    Schultz stretched off after sustaining a cracked rib during a goalsquare pack, reports suggested he collided with Richardson.
    Polak injures his foot.

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    NAB Challenge Match vs Melbourne (Feb 22nd)

    Richmond defeat Melbourne at Cazaly Stadium in their NAB Challenge Match, by 35 points

    Rich 5.3 / 6.4 / 115.71 / 14.10.94
    Melb 2.3 / 5.5 / 6.9.45 / 8.11.59

    Richmond: Pettifer 3, Schulz 2, Hughes 2, C Howat 2, A Pattison N Foley M Morton N Brown A Raines.
    Melbourne: M Newton 2 C Bartram R Petterd B Green A Maric I Weetra A Davey.

    Richmond: K Pettifer C Newman T Simmonds R Tambling N Foley J Bowden.
    Melbourne: C Newton N Jones A Davey C Sylvia P Johnson S Valenti.

    Umpires: C Kamolins J Armstrong H Kennedy.

    Attendace: 5,321 people.

    NAB CUP MATCH vs StKilda (Feb 15th)

    A disappointing Richmond team lose to StKilda by 40 points at Docklands.

    StK: / / /
    Ric: / / /

    Richmond: 9pts: Greg Tivendale, Chris Newman.
    Richmond 6pts: Brett Deledio 2, Nathan G Brown 2, Matthew Richardson, Kayne Pettifer, Mitch Morton.

    Matthew Richardson, Shane Tuck, Chris Newman, Kayne Pettifer, Joel Bowden, Nathan G Brown.

    Richmond Squad:
    Chris Newman, Brett Deledio, Andrew Raines, Troy Simmonds, Graham Polak, Nathan Brown, Jack Riewoldt, Shane Edwards, Joel Bowden, Matthew Richardson, Jordan McMahon, Kayne Pettifer, Kane Johnson, Mitch Morton, Shane Tuck, Daniel Jackson, Jay Schulz, Adam Pattison, Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls, Richard Tambling, Chris Hyde, Greg Tivendale, Jarrod Silvester, Travis Casserly, Tristan Cartledge, Kelvin Moore, Nathan Foley, Jake King.

    Umpire Darren Goldspink officates he last ever game of AFL Football.

    Matthew Richardson kicks Richmonds' first behind, and their first goal.

    In the 1st quarter, Richardson receives a 50 metre penalty on the wing, and his resulting kick for goal hits the post. (it would have been a 9 point goal)- but Deledio roving the rebound off the post kicks a 6pt goal.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Coburg Practice Match

    On Sunday 16th February, Coburg played Geelong Reserves in a practice match at Skilled Stadium at 1.30pm.

    4 x 20 min quarters no time on.
    Rance injures his ankle.

    Up to 12 Richmond players play for Coburg in this match.
    (Howat, Coughlan,White, Polo, Schultz, Collins, Thursfield, Hughes, Putt, Collard, Gourdis, Rance)

    Coburg: 5.3 / ???? / ???? / ????
    Geelong: 1.4 / ???? / ???? / ????

    Friday, February 15, 2008

    Intra-Club Match @ Echuca

    On February 7th 2008- Richmond played an intra-club match at Echuca - Jack Eddy Oval @ 4pm

    White Team coached by David King.
    Nathan Brown was rested from the game, because Terry Wallace was 'paranoid' about him playing before the Round 1 match.
    Attendance: 2,000
    10 players from the Echuca area were given the opportunity to play in the match. They were:

    Liam Guinan (Echuca), Troy Muir (Echuca), John Foskett (Moama), Damien Dalziel (Echuca United), Nick Iorianni (Echuca United), Luke Dunham (Moama), Craig Frost (Echuca United), Duane Hueston (Echuca United), Thomas McKitterick (Echuca) and Chris Casey (Echuca) all played.

    Blacks: 3.3 / 5.6 / ???? / 12.10.82
    Whites: 6.1 / 8.8 / ???? / 18.10.118

    Majority of goalkickers have yet to be sourced. However below, are some that are noted.
    Hughes 4 (3 in first quarter), Collard 3 (all in 3rd term), Deledio 3, Luke Dunham 1.
    Richardson 2

    Mark Coughlan plays his first competitive game of football since his knee injury in Round 12 2006.

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008

    RFC Book Signing - Feb 15th w/ KB and Tom Hafey

    The book signing will occur at the Angus and Robertson Bookstore on the corner of
    Elizabeth St and Bourke St from 12.30pm - 1.30pm on February 15th.

    Monday, February 4, 2008

    Richmond Records 1970-1975

    As you know, I have written the RFC 2008 Centenary Publication called 'The Tigers'- and more recently, another of my pastimes is to collect Richmond Football Records.

    So, I thought it only best to list below, the records I am missing from the 1970's- and if anyone has any they wish to sell, then feel free to contact me at Here to start off are the records I am missing from 1970-1975.

    rd 1 apr 4-5
    rd 3 apr 18
    rd 5 may 2
    rd 6 may 9
    rd 10 june 6
    rd 13 june 27
    rd 16 july 18
    rd 19 aug 8

    rd 6 may 8
    rd 7 may 15
    rd 8 may 22
    rd 11 june 14
    rd 20 aug 14

    rd 4 apr 22
    rd 6 may 6
    rd 8 may 20
    rd 11 june 10
    rd 15 jul 15
    rd 16 jul 22
    rd 22 sep 22

    rd 1 apr 7
    rd 3 apr 21
    rd 8 may 26
    rd 10 june 9
    rd 11 june 16
    rd 18 aug 4
    rd 20 aug 18

    rd 5 may 4
    rd 7 may 18
    rd 10 jun 8
    Rd 13 jun 29
    rd 15 jul 13
    rd 22 aug 31

    rd 1 apr 5
    rd 6 may 10
    rd 9 may 31
    rd 10 jun 7
    rd 12 jun 21
    rd 15 jul 12
    rd 16 jul 19
    rd 18 aug 2
    rd 19 aug 9
    rd 20 aug 16
    rd 21 aug 23
    rd 22 aug 30

    Saturday, February 2, 2008

    Intra-Club Practice Match #2

    Richmond and selected Coburg players play an intra club match at Gosch's Paddock from 10.00am on
    Friday February 1st 2008.

    Rules: 2 x quarters. Yellows vs Blacks.
    Weather: Blustery

    The selected teams are listed below , albeit incomplete.

    Riewoldt, Polo, Rance, Putt, Coughlan, Schulz, Collard, Hyde, White, Silvester, Moore, Collins, King, Stewart, Polak, Gazzo (#29)


    Newman, Raines, Edwards (#35), Morton, Tuck, Jackson, Pattison, Oakley-Nicholls, Hughes, Gourdis, Casserly, Cartledge, Polak

    Scores (incomplete)
    Yellows: 2.2 / 10/5/65
    Blacks 4.6 / 6.8.44

    Goals (incomplete)
    Yellow: Polak (2), Collins (2), Chris Stewart (2), Riewoldt (1), (#3 unknown), (#31 unknown), (#36 unknown)

    Blacks: Morton (2.5), Casserly (1), Polak (1), Hughes (1), Edwards (1).

    Polak may have switched sides to the 'Yellow' team at the break.
    Moore may have injured calf (awaiting confirmation)

    source: oneeyedrichmond (

    Friday, January 25, 2008

    2008 Player List.

    The 2008 Richmond Player List.

    V = Veteran List

    Bowden, Joel (V)
    Brown, Nathan G.
    Casserly, Travis
    Collins, Andrew
    Connors, Daniel
    Cotchin, Trent
    Coughlan, Mark
    Deledio, Brett
    Edwards, Shane
    Foley, Nathan
    Gourdis, David
    Graham, Angus
    Hughes, Cleve
    Hyde, Chris
    Jackson, Daniel
    Johnson, Kane
    King, Jake
    McGuane, Luke
    McMahon, Jordan
    Meyer, Danny
    Moore, Kelvin
    Morton, Mitch
    Newman, Chris
    Oakley-Nicholls, Jarrad
    Pattison, Adam
    Pettifer, Kayne
    Polak, Graham
    Polo, Dean
    Putt, Dean
    Raines, Andrew
    Rance, Alex
    Richardson, Matthew (V)
    Riewoldt, Jack
    Schulz, Jay
    Simmonds, Troy
    Tambling, Richard
    Thursfield, Will
    Tivendale, Greg
    Tuck, Shane
    White, Matthew

    Cartledge, Tristan
    Collard, Clayton
    Howat, Cam
    Silvester, Jarrod

    source: footystats.

    Intra-Club Practice Match #1

    Richmond held its first practice match for season 2008.

    Venue: Gosch's Paddock @10.15am (25/1/08)
    Match Rules: 2 x quarters of football approximately 25-30 minutes each.

    Blacks: 6.1. 37 / 13.4.82
    Yellows: 4.6.30 / 10.6.66

    Blacks: Polo 2, Pettifer 2, Hyde 2, Putt 1, Tivendale 1, Jackson 1, Edwards 1, Schulz 1, Brown 1. Unknown 1.

    Yellows: Collard 3, Riewoldt 2, Tuck 1, McMahon 1, Foley 1, Johnson 1, Collins 1.

    Raines (4), Riewoldt (8), Richardson (12), McMahon (28), Johnson (17), Putt (19), Morton, Tuck (21), Pattison (26), Collard (27),
    Tambling (30), Collins (33), White (36), Moore (40), Foley (41).

    Polak (6), Brown (7), Edwards (10), Polo (14), Pettifer (15), Rance (18), Jackson (23), Coghlan (24), Schulz (25), Oakley-Nicholls (29), Hyde (31), Tivendale (32), Hughes (34), Casserly (37), Gourdis (42), Silvester (20), Cartledge, King (46)


    Richard Tambling is injured during the last quarter of the match after being tackled into the ground by Oakley-Nicholls. His injury is initially reported on radio as a knee injury. He had however injured the arch of his ankle.

    Deledio, Simmonds and Newman acted as boundary umpires.

    Newman , McGuane, Meyer acted as goal umpires.

    Howat, Connors, Graham, Cotchin acted as statisticians

    Sources: oneeyed-richmond, puntroadend. bigfooty

    Saturday, January 5, 2008

    Vale Clinton Grybas

    Respected media commentator CLINTON GRYBAS died today at his home in Melbourne.

    Clinton was the main sports reporter on 3AW, and had hosted White Line Fever on the FOX Footy Channel on FOXTEL.
    He also commentated the football for the 2007 Season on both 3AW and Fox Sports.

    On a personal note, I had met Clinton several times during my father's time on the FOX Footy Channel. I found him to be the most considerate, sincere and genuine person you could meet. A true comet of broadcast has died.

    Clinton was 32 years old. Only 32.