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    Sunday, March 30, 2008

    Terry Wallace Post Match Comments for Round 2 vs Nth Melbourne

    'The one thing I would like to say to our supporter base is just the fact last year we lost games and had a pretty ordinary season and at times we couldn't do anything about it , we just didn't have the blokes up and running and we had to go with the same blokes who let us down week in week out.

    I just want to let our supporter base know that we are fully fit and healthy , we've got blokes running around at Coburg- our side won by over 10 goals yesterday against the reigning Premiers.

    Blokes who don't respect their position in the side , therfore don't respect the guernsey, won't play.

    Therefore we are in a position where we can do that and we will make changes to the side til we have the right blokes in there who want to compete, so I think that supporters shouldn't walk away thinking they are going to get the same old same old, because we will throw it around and give the young blokes an opportunity until we get the right blokes in there who want to compete.

    'Collingwood have a longer break this week, so we have to come off a 7 , versus a 9 day break this week. We like it to be a 6 day break ourselves so we can get back there straight-away.

    'We were getting beaten at ground level. Clearly our boys in the midfield are extremley disappointed with their efforts, they know that , they understand that and they don't accept that but they were clearly beaten around that area and it just put pressure on every area of that game from that stage onwards. We were really smashed in that part of the game today.

    We started Andrew Raines on Corey Jones at the start of the game and wanted Rainesy to do the job and he got beaten in the first few contests and then we went to Jake King as our secondary option, we had sort of set Raines for that job all week, and it didn't work, so you have got to make changes. Jake has been able to play on taller players, he played as a Coburg player at Centre Half Back most of the time, so he has always been able to play on blokes a little bit taller than him. Corey was in fantastic form, I think he was trying to get two weeks out of one after missing last week, and credit to him I thought he played tremendously.

    We think Raines dislocated his knee cap but it certainly went back in. It's just a matter of how that sort of settles down over the next few days. We will have to wait til tomorrow to find out where he is at.'

    - Terry Wallace post match press conference versus Nth Melbourne, courtesy of