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    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    Richmond wins 2008 Grand Final Sprint

    Matthew White wins the 2008 Grand Final sprint off scratch.
    Below is a screen capture of the finish (courtesy of Channel 7 + EyeTV) and a video of the race and post match interview (courtesy and copyrighted by Channel 7)

    KB Toyota Ad Little Known Fact 3

    The recreation of the Stan Magro goal from 1980- resulted in Stphen Curry wearing a Magro wig.
    KB was unaware that Curry had put the wig on , until he saw the ad on tv one month later.

    KB Toyota Ad Little Known Fact 2

    Little Known Fact 2- the first few hours of the shoot , KB was wearing dark runners, This resulted in him straining both hamstrings, and as a result a pair of old footy boots were located, and the manufacturers logo was 'taped over'.

    KB Toyota Ad Little Known Fact 1.

    Some snapshots from the Toyota Ad (courtesy of my EyeTV on my IMAC)

    Little known Fact #1- KB's reaction to Dave Lawson shaving off his hair- is authentic. KB was unaware of what Dave was doing until the cameras rolled. At first KB thought the hair was a wig.

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Rhettrospective all on the internet...

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    Rhettrospective Podcast (a short review of the 2008 season)

    and a live WEBCHAT (in which you can participate) with Richmond Immortal KEVIN BARTLETT.