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    Saturday, November 24, 2007

    2007 NAB Draft.

    At the 2007 NAB AFL Draft, Richmond selected 3 players from it's 4 draft picks.

    Pick Number 2.
    TRENT COTCHIN from Northern Knights (7/4/1990). Vic Metro Under 18 representative.

    Pick Number 18.
    ALEX RANCE from Swan Districts (9/10/1989). Won All-Australian honours, represented WA Under 18's.

    Pick Number 51.
    DEAN PUTT - ruckman

    Pick Number 64.

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    the launch

    On thursday, November 22nd 2007- 'The Tigers'- A Century of League Football was launched at the Richmond Football Club.

    Hosted by Geoff Slattery (from GSPublishing), around 100 people gather to hear some of the stories of the great club.

    Kevin Bartlett, returned after 16 years, and gave a 25 minute speech on the book, his memory of the club, the club rooms.

    Following his speech, I had the opportunity to say a few words (and some bad jokes) and thank everyone for turning up.

    The turn out included former players such as Bill Williams (last Richmond player to win the Stawell Gift!), Roger Dean, Michael Roach, Bill Barrott, Francis Bourke, Allan Cooke, Tom Allen, Dale Weightman and former President Ian Wilson.
    Current players were also there, Matthew Richardson, Mark Coughlan, Andrew Raines, Kayne Pettifer to name a few.
    Some of the former players who had passed away were represented by family members, may of whom who travelled from the country to be there.

    I thank everyone for attending, and more importantly, those who have had a chance to read the book and given their positive feedback to me.

    Thanks for a day I will never forget.


    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    the book.

    for those who pre-ordered the book through the club.
    all copies of the book arrived at the club friday afternoon- and were distributed late friday into saturday in the post.

    for those who pre-ordered the book through GSP- again, the book arrived there late friday as well.

    for those waiting for the book in bookstores- bookstores will have them from monday/tuesday onwards

    Sunday, November 4, 2007

    'The Tigers' - A Century of League Football

    A reminder to all supporters, that the centenary history of the RFC publication will be available in bookstores from November 16

    As a snapshot, in the publication, you will discover a plethora of new, never before revealed, information about the Tigers:

    1. The 6 steps Royce Hart taught Michael Roach about kicking, that resulted in his 100 goal season.

    2. Who kicked a goal with their first kick in League Football, but have never been credited it by the AFL?

    3. What are Kevin Bartlett and Neville Crowe's memories of the infamous 1991 Bartlett sacking?

    4. Who's heart stopped at a preseason run Torquay run?

    5. Kevin Bartlett reveals why he returned to the club after some 16 years in the wilderness.

    6. What secret did Roy Wright and Fitzroy Alan Gale share that no one knew about?

    7. Who believes they were overlooked for selection every week because of their religion?

    8. What did Havel Rowe receive for winning his Best and Fairest?

    9. What are Joe Murdoch's memories of the infamous Gordon Coventry report in the 1930's.

    10. Exactly how did Jack Malcomson write the Richmond Themesong?

    11 What club legend, signed a contract with another club, whilst still playing for Richmond.

    12. What does the photo of Michael Malthouse 1982 fitness test reveal.

    13. And what year of Matthew Knights' career does he believe was the only year where he lacked confidence.

    All those questions, and so many more, are answered, in the first-person accounts, of the 272 page 'The Tigers'

    Friday, November 2, 2007

    a sense of history.

    On the 100th anniversary to the day the RFC was admitted into the VFL, (October 31st 1907), the completed copies of the RFC Centenary History book 'The Tigers' arrived on shores, ready for distribution through bookstores and the club.

    New Co-Sponrsor

    Dick Smith Electronics, the retail store, has signed on as co-major partner for the next two years of the RFC. An option in the agreement is to extend for a third year.

    As a result of the agreement, the Dick Smith logo (yellow and black in colour) will adorn the front of the Richmond Guernsey