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    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Bill Morris - You Tube Documentary

    Here is my 4th mini Richmond documentary - this one is about the brilliant, yet flawed, Bill Morris.
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    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Jack Dyer- his final game

    Here is a short documentary I have edited, produced and narrated regarding Jack Dyer's last game of League Football.
    Further documentaries I have created can be found further down on this site.

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    KB Signed copies of 'The Tigers- A Century of League Football'

    You can now purchase signed copies of the Richmond Centenary Publication
    'Richmond FC- The Tigers- A Century of League Football' through this website.

    The book was 10 years in the making, and launched by Kevin Bartlett, at the Punt Road Ground- his first official appearance there in 16 years.

    The book is 272 pages- an includes first hand accounts of the entire 100 years of the club- from Tom Hafey to Roy Wright to Kevin Bartlett to Matthew Richardson to Bill Barrot to Royce Hart to Francis Bourke. As well, revealling insights from teammates of Jack Dyer and close associates of Graeme Richmond.

    As well the book contains rare unpublished photographs of many tigers moments and treasures, as well as a complete list of every Richmond player since 1908 including their respective guernsey numbers and games played.

    This is a must for true football fans and Richmond supporters. Not many copies of this book are left to purchase, but you can by your copy of this book SIGNED by KEVIN BARTLETT and myself for only $55.00 (includes safe postage within Australia).

    You can purchase the book directly and securely by credit card through the Add to Cart option below (via PayPal), or contact me for alternate payment methods at

    Your purchase is safe and secure and I will personally email you to confirm receipt of your payment.
    - Rhett Bartlett

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Jack O'Rourke - RFC - In Memoriam Doco

    Please find below a short documentary I edited, narrated and produced regarding the late Jack O'Rourke.
    I hope you find the information and the documentary of interest
    All audio in the documentary is copyright. Photos were supplied by personal collections , Richmond Museum.
    - Rhett Bartlett.

    The blog can also be viewed at this link:


    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    RFC 1908 -1919 - Doco by Rhett Bartlett

    Below is a video I have created, edited and narrated using my MacBook computer.
    It runs briefly for 2mins 47 seconds and gives an overview of the era from 1908-1919 in Richmond's History.

    It is by no means professional nor meant to be official.
    The purpose of this is to test some ideas and scripting I had written- and potentially to create a full Richmond Documentary in the coming years. Other videos will hopefully be posted.

    You are welcome to post this link in other football forums if you like:

    Feedback can be sent to - love to hear from you.

    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Wallace post match comments Rd 4

    'From my point of view, I know a lot of people felt it was going to be a difficult journey. We believed we had the run'

    (On Richardson playing on the wing)
    'We've got to find out if Polak, Riewoldt, Hughes can step up to be the next generation of key forwards. I asked Richo to give up a bit of his own game. It helped us looking at the our forward line future'
    'We will do what we need to do and see what worked. Truly I think if we are going to be a side, we have to develop other players around Matthew. I think for development of the club we need to look elsewhere'

    (On some key players)
    ' I thought Kane Johnson was absolutely outstanding. He has played terrific all year. He has stepped up. I thought McMahon was outstanding player all day, really helped us with link up play'

    '(Tambling) is going to be a nice player. He is four games into a mid field career. We have played him around the edged to get games around him. He has shown now he can match it with the players in the middle'

    - courtesy of

    **Not that with Richmond's win- they are 8th on the ladder.

    Tuesday, April 8, 2008

    Tom Hafey and Kevin Bartlett respond to the criticism of Punt Road

    - By Rhett Bartlett
    Exclusive to

    Tom Hafey's style of football was always direct. So much so, that it won him 4 Premierships across 7 years as coach for Richmond.

    And his response to the claims by Andrew Dememtriou in The Age to Caroline Wilson that Punt Road was 'a crap ground to train on. It's just a bad ground and it's the wrong size.' was almost as direct.

    'That's a ridiculous statement. I think that is wrong, I don't think it is crap' Hafey said when contacted by this afternoon.

    'They talk this way because they play on perfect grounds- yet the number of players that continue to slip on perfect ground is amazing'
    '(Punt Road) is a long way better that alot of other teams have to deal with. The ground still is perfect as a training facility.

    Tommy should know, for many years he has travelled the breadth of Australia, coaching junior clubs and guest speaking at little known towns. 'How would they (footballers) go playing in Queenstown- it's just gravel!' 'Remember that Docklands was rubbished initially too! and most recently Collingwood and Brisbane played in mud and rain at the Gabba. It won't always be perfect weather and grounds wont always be perfect- regardless if it is in Western Australia or Sydney'

    When pressed further regarding suggestions that the ground size, may be consider a reasoning behind Richmond's lack of success- Hafey was adamant 'It has got nothing to do with it!' - citing instead an imbalance in the handballing and kicking stats of the Tigers on the weekend.
    In no way, Hafey suggested, does the condition of the Punt Road ground directly relate to the Tigers performance on match day.

    And 5 time Premiership player Kevin Bartlett feels the same, 'We never trained at the MCG, we trained at Punt Road, and in my opinion it never affected the Richmond style of play. It never ever impeded the Richmond style of play- and we were the longest kicking, fast kicking ball side in the competition and we trained at Punt Road.

    He points out that other teams around his time of playing and coach, played on smaller grounds:
    Go down and have a look at Hawthorn's old ground at Glenferrie Oval- it is the smallest ground in the world and they won premierships galore!

    Suggesting that Richmond's lack of success lately is due to the state of the Punt Road Ground is something Bartlett disagrees with: 'It certainly wouldn't be an excuse! Training at Punt Road wont stop you from winning a premiership.'

    And although the glorious ancient ground herself is unable to defend these Demetriou comments- there are still some Immortals who are more than happy to.

    - by Rhett Bartlett

    Sunday, April 6, 2008

    David King Rd 3 Post Match Comments

    as interviewed on 3AW.

    'we gave Collingwood too much at the start. You can't give good sides 7 of the first 8 scoring shots and expect to be in the game. You got to know when the right time to kick and when your out in space and able to execute them and that's something our players are getting wrong. We've made adjustments to the way we wanted to play from last year and sure that involves an element of handball but we've got the balance wrong at the moment- i think we have 170 odd kicks and over 200 handballs.

    Even in saying that, we still shouldn't have made errors by foot that we did.
    I think alot of the backline boys are coming along quite nicely , I think people would credit Will Thursfield to have improved, I think they would have seen that in Jake King , although he hasn't a great last fortnight, he has certainly improved. I think Kel Moore has become a player, Jay Schulz was good again today, he's had an up and down career but he's improving.
    Teams that are winning , individual form doesn't come into it. If your disciplined enough to stick to the team plans then individual form doesn't come into it.

    You recruit good kickers, you either have got that skill or haven't . It's a waste of time trying to get players who can't kick, back to square one and start again because the man hours involved in that is not available to AFL players at the moment.
    I just thought today, we talked about stepping back inside , and cutting and taking players on- not once were we brave enough to take people on, we were too straight minded earlier today and it made us pay.'