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    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    KB Signed copies of 'The Tigers- A Century of League Football'

    You can now purchase signed copies of the Richmond Centenary Publication
    'Richmond FC- The Tigers- A Century of League Football' through this website.

    The book was 10 years in the making, and launched by Kevin Bartlett, at the Punt Road Ground- his first official appearance there in 16 years.

    The book is 272 pages- an includes first hand accounts of the entire 100 years of the club- from Tom Hafey to Roy Wright to Kevin Bartlett to Matthew Richardson to Bill Barrot to Royce Hart to Francis Bourke. As well, revealling insights from teammates of Jack Dyer and close associates of Graeme Richmond.

    As well the book contains rare unpublished photographs of many tigers moments and treasures, as well as a complete list of every Richmond player since 1908 including their respective guernsey numbers and games played.

    This is a must for true football fans and Richmond supporters. Not many copies of this book are left to purchase, but you can by your copy of this book SIGNED by KEVIN BARTLETT and myself for only $55.00 (includes safe postage within Australia).

    You can purchase the book directly and securely by credit card through the Add to Cart option below (via PayPal), or contact me for alternate payment methods at

    Your purchase is safe and secure and I will personally email you to confirm receipt of your payment.
    - Rhett Bartlett