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    Friday, January 25, 2008

    2008 Player List.

    The 2008 Richmond Player List.

    V = Veteran List

    Bowden, Joel (V)
    Brown, Nathan G.
    Casserly, Travis
    Collins, Andrew
    Connors, Daniel
    Cotchin, Trent
    Coughlan, Mark
    Deledio, Brett
    Edwards, Shane
    Foley, Nathan
    Gourdis, David
    Graham, Angus
    Hughes, Cleve
    Hyde, Chris
    Jackson, Daniel
    Johnson, Kane
    King, Jake
    McGuane, Luke
    McMahon, Jordan
    Meyer, Danny
    Moore, Kelvin
    Morton, Mitch
    Newman, Chris
    Oakley-Nicholls, Jarrad
    Pattison, Adam
    Pettifer, Kayne
    Polak, Graham
    Polo, Dean
    Putt, Dean
    Raines, Andrew
    Rance, Alex
    Richardson, Matthew (V)
    Riewoldt, Jack
    Schulz, Jay
    Simmonds, Troy
    Tambling, Richard
    Thursfield, Will
    Tivendale, Greg
    Tuck, Shane
    White, Matthew

    Cartledge, Tristan
    Collard, Clayton
    Howat, Cam
    Silvester, Jarrod

    source: footystats.

    Intra-Club Practice Match #1

    Richmond held its first practice match for season 2008.

    Venue: Gosch's Paddock @10.15am (25/1/08)
    Match Rules: 2 x quarters of football approximately 25-30 minutes each.

    Blacks: 6.1. 37 / 13.4.82
    Yellows: 4.6.30 / 10.6.66

    Blacks: Polo 2, Pettifer 2, Hyde 2, Putt 1, Tivendale 1, Jackson 1, Edwards 1, Schulz 1, Brown 1. Unknown 1.

    Yellows: Collard 3, Riewoldt 2, Tuck 1, McMahon 1, Foley 1, Johnson 1, Collins 1.

    Raines (4), Riewoldt (8), Richardson (12), McMahon (28), Johnson (17), Putt (19), Morton, Tuck (21), Pattison (26), Collard (27),
    Tambling (30), Collins (33), White (36), Moore (40), Foley (41).

    Polak (6), Brown (7), Edwards (10), Polo (14), Pettifer (15), Rance (18), Jackson (23), Coghlan (24), Schulz (25), Oakley-Nicholls (29), Hyde (31), Tivendale (32), Hughes (34), Casserly (37), Gourdis (42), Silvester (20), Cartledge, King (46)


    Richard Tambling is injured during the last quarter of the match after being tackled into the ground by Oakley-Nicholls. His injury is initially reported on radio as a knee injury. He had however injured the arch of his ankle.

    Deledio, Simmonds and Newman acted as boundary umpires.

    Newman , McGuane, Meyer acted as goal umpires.

    Howat, Connors, Graham, Cotchin acted as statisticians

    Sources: oneeyed-richmond, puntroadend. bigfooty

    Saturday, January 5, 2008

    Vale Clinton Grybas

    Respected media commentator CLINTON GRYBAS died today at his home in Melbourne.

    Clinton was the main sports reporter on 3AW, and had hosted White Line Fever on the FOX Footy Channel on FOXTEL.
    He also commentated the football for the 2007 Season on both 3AW and Fox Sports.

    On a personal note, I had met Clinton several times during my father's time on the FOX Footy Channel. I found him to be the most considerate, sincere and genuine person you could meet. A true comet of broadcast has died.

    Clinton was 32 years old. Only 32.