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    Sunday, April 6, 2008

    David King Rd 3 Post Match Comments

    as interviewed on 3AW.

    'we gave Collingwood too much at the start. You can't give good sides 7 of the first 8 scoring shots and expect to be in the game. You got to know when the right time to kick and when your out in space and able to execute them and that's something our players are getting wrong. We've made adjustments to the way we wanted to play from last year and sure that involves an element of handball but we've got the balance wrong at the moment- i think we have 170 odd kicks and over 200 handballs.

    Even in saying that, we still shouldn't have made errors by foot that we did.
    I think alot of the backline boys are coming along quite nicely , I think people would credit Will Thursfield to have improved, I think they would have seen that in Jake King , although he hasn't a great last fortnight, he has certainly improved. I think Kel Moore has become a player, Jay Schulz was good again today, he's had an up and down career but he's improving.
    Teams that are winning , individual form doesn't come into it. If your disciplined enough to stick to the team plans then individual form doesn't come into it.

    You recruit good kickers, you either have got that skill or haven't . It's a waste of time trying to get players who can't kick, back to square one and start again because the man hours involved in that is not available to AFL players at the moment.
    I just thought today, we talked about stepping back inside , and cutting and taking players on- not once were we brave enough to take people on, we were too straight minded earlier today and it made us pay.'