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    Saturday, February 2, 2008

    Intra-Club Practice Match #2

    Richmond and selected Coburg players play an intra club match at Gosch's Paddock from 10.00am on
    Friday February 1st 2008.

    Rules: 2 x quarters. Yellows vs Blacks.
    Weather: Blustery

    The selected teams are listed below , albeit incomplete.

    Riewoldt, Polo, Rance, Putt, Coughlan, Schulz, Collard, Hyde, White, Silvester, Moore, Collins, King, Stewart, Polak, Gazzo (#29)


    Newman, Raines, Edwards (#35), Morton, Tuck, Jackson, Pattison, Oakley-Nicholls, Hughes, Gourdis, Casserly, Cartledge, Polak

    Scores (incomplete)
    Yellows: 2.2 / 10/5/65
    Blacks 4.6 / 6.8.44

    Goals (incomplete)
    Yellow: Polak (2), Collins (2), Chris Stewart (2), Riewoldt (1), (#3 unknown), (#31 unknown), (#36 unknown)

    Blacks: Morton (2.5), Casserly (1), Polak (1), Hughes (1), Edwards (1).

    Polak may have switched sides to the 'Yellow' team at the break.
    Moore may have injured calf (awaiting confirmation)

    source: oneeyedrichmond (