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    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    NAB CUP MATCH vs StKilda (Feb 15th)

    A disappointing Richmond team lose to StKilda by 40 points at Docklands.

    StK: / / /
    Ric: / / /

    Richmond: 9pts: Greg Tivendale, Chris Newman.
    Richmond 6pts: Brett Deledio 2, Nathan G Brown 2, Matthew Richardson, Kayne Pettifer, Mitch Morton.

    Matthew Richardson, Shane Tuck, Chris Newman, Kayne Pettifer, Joel Bowden, Nathan G Brown.

    Richmond Squad:
    Chris Newman, Brett Deledio, Andrew Raines, Troy Simmonds, Graham Polak, Nathan Brown, Jack Riewoldt, Shane Edwards, Joel Bowden, Matthew Richardson, Jordan McMahon, Kayne Pettifer, Kane Johnson, Mitch Morton, Shane Tuck, Daniel Jackson, Jay Schulz, Adam Pattison, Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls, Richard Tambling, Chris Hyde, Greg Tivendale, Jarrod Silvester, Travis Casserly, Tristan Cartledge, Kelvin Moore, Nathan Foley, Jake King.

    Umpire Darren Goldspink officates he last ever game of AFL Football.

    Matthew Richardson kicks Richmonds' first behind, and their first goal.

    In the 1st quarter, Richardson receives a 50 metre penalty on the wing, and his resulting kick for goal hits the post. (it would have been a 9 point goal)- but Deledio roving the rebound off the post kicks a 6pt goal.