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    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Richmond History- SOS - Can you help ?

    In this, the centenary year of the Richmond Football Club in the AFL - it is an opportune time to send out an SOS, to supporters, history buffs, casual observers - regarding a two points around Richmond and its history.

    Can you assist below ?


    The AFL Record has been in existence since 1912.
    That means there is approximately 1,950 Richmond Football Club records produced.

    Most Richmond records from 1960- Present Day are in collectors hands, Richmond Museum, Ebay etc etc ,
    but it is the Richmond records from 1912 - 1959 that are more difficult to locate.

    So this SOS request is simple. If you have any Richmond records covering 1912 - 1959; and would be comfort to advise me, I hope to maintain a list of what records pre 1960 are in existence. There is no intention to purchase the records from you, and you can remain anonymous, I would just like to attempt to identify how many of the pre 1960 Richmond records are in existence.

    So feel free to drop an email to:
    Rhett Bartlett


    My next book project I am attempting to work on, is a detailed list of the following; every:

    + Senior Richmond match
    + Reserves Richmond match
    + Under 19's Richmond Match
    + Little League Richmond match
    + Unique matches involving RFC (ie: Appeals / Practice Matches / Post Season Matches / Pre Season Matches)

    - for each of these points, I am attempting to documents the score, goalkickers, players for the teams, and unique tidbits that accompany the game.

    - all score details of Senior Richmond matches exist, so do their related teams , goalkickers etc.

    - if anyone is able to provide any information of score, teams, players, goalkickers for the Reserves/Under 19's/ Little League/ Unique Matches (listed above) please email me below.

    Even the smallest piece of information is appreciated- as you never know, you might be the only person to discover it, or be aware of it. So think back to matches you saw growing up, or newspaper cuttings you might have- see what you can find.

    - as well, I am looking for any interesting tidbits from any matches in Richmond history. These tidbits can range from , Richmond players acting as runners, unique umpiring decisions, unique moments on the field, changing in guernsey numbers, goalkicking feats (ie: 6 goals in a quarter), 'firsts' in Richmond matches, 'lasts' in Richmond matches. Any notes of interest about any matches would be much appreciated.

    These can be emailed to me at :
    Rhett Bartlett

    - Thank you
    Rhett Bartlett