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    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    2007 Richmond News

    Friday 12 October 2007

    Richmond draft former Footscray player Jordan McMahon in exchange for Pick 19 , and former West Coast player Mitch Morton in exchange for Pick 35.

    Richmond's Jay Schulz was potentially offered to Port Adelaide in, but as Port refused to sweeten the Pick 28 deal, the deal did not go ahead. According to Greg Miller, Danny Meyer was reportedly discussed by other clubs in a possible trade.

    No Richmond player was drafted away from the club.


    Thursday 27 September
Matthew Knights is appointed coach of Essendon, replacing Kevin Sheedy for the 2008 season.


    Wednesday 19 September 2007

At the 2007 Richmond Best and Fairest- Matthew Richardson wins his first ever Jack Dyer Medal.
    He defeated Nathan Foley by 1 vote on the last round of voting.

    The Top 10 results are:
    214 – Matthew Richardson
    213 – Nathan Foley
    181 – Shane Tuck
    176 – Joel Bowden
    161 – Brett Deledio
    158 – Kayne Pettifer
    152 – Graham Polak
    134 – Chris Newman
    133 – Kane Johnson
    129 – Jake King

    Richardson is presented with a newly re-vamped Jack Dyer Medallion. On the night he also wins his 12th Michael Roach Goalkicking Medallion- and creates history, surpassing Jack Titus 11 club goalkicking titles.

    In other awards:
 Shane Edwards won the Club’s Rising Star award, 
Will Thursfield was named Most Improved Player 
Jack King named Best First Year player.
    Nathan Foley won Francis Bourke Award ‘Best Clubman’
Adam Pattison won ‘Match Committee Award’
    Daniel Connors won Coburg Best Player
    The RFC Statisticans won ‘Most Valuable People’
    Garry Tyson won Special Presentation Award
    Brent Hartigan won Tattersall’s Community Service Award: 
    Chris Smith won Tattersall’s Community Service Award (volunteer):
Also attending the night is Kevin Bartlett, his first official club function since his estrangement from the club in 1991.
He was seated at a table with Francis Bourke, Tom Hafey and Michael Roach. It is the first time the three surviving Richmond Immortals (Bartlett, Bourke and Hafey) appear at the same Richmond function since the inception of the club’s Hall of Fame.

    Rd 22 Update coming
    Rd 21 Update coming
    Rd 20 Update coming
    Rd 19 Update coming
    Rd 18 Update coming


    Saturday 28 July 2007

    Rd 17
    vs Sydney @ 


Daniel Connors becomes the 1,071st player to debut for Richmond
Andrew Raines kicks Richmond’s 26,000th behind in the first quarter.
Richmond’s 2000th VFL Match


    Sunday 22 July 2007

    vs Port Adelaide @ MCG 

R:7.4.46 / 7.7.49 / 10.9.69 / 15.10.100
P: 9.3.57 / 13.6.84 / 19.9.123 / 24.11.155

Goalkickers: Richardson 4.0 Riewoldt 3.0 Edwards 2.0 
Pettifer 2.0 Brown 1.0 Hyde 1.0 Simmonds 1.0 Tuck 1.0 

Matthew Richardson’s 250th AFL match- he is chaired off towards the race after the defeat. 

16 goals in total in the first quarter was the 3rd most in AFL History.


    Saturday 15 July 2007

    vs Hawthorn @ MCG 

R: 5.1.31 / 8.4.52 / 10.6.66 / 11.10.76
H:4.2.26 / 9.7.61 / 14.10.94 / 19.15.129

Goalkickers: , Nathan Brown 2.3 , Kayne Pettifer 2.0 , Jay Schulz 2.0 ,Shane Edwards 1.1 , Kane Johnson 1.2 , Jake King 1.0, Matthew Richardson 1.1 , Shane Tuck 1.0


    Saturday 8 July 2007

    Rd 14
    vs Kangaroos @ Docklands Heritage Round
Round 14 - 33,583

R:1.1.7 / 5.5.35 / 8.9.57 / 11.13.79
K: 4.4.28 / 6.6.42 / 11.12.78 / 14.20.104

Goalkickers: , Richardson 4.3 , Pettifer 3.0 Tambling 1.1 , Pattison 1.0, Howat 1.1

    Richmond wore yellow shorts for the first time since 1975, to celebrate Heritage Round.

    Saturday 30 June 2007

    vs StKilda @ Telstra Dome
Round 13 - 38,689

R: 5.1.31 / 9.5.59 / 11.9.75 / 15.10.100
M: 5.1.31 / 8.7.55 / 11.13.79 / 15.15.117 

Goalkickers: Pettifer 4.1 , Richardson 3.1 , Brown 3.1, Tivendale 1.1 
 Foley 2.1 , Edwards 1.1 Tivendale 1.1 Jackson 1.1

    Richmond wore black arms in memory of Peter Allen- the head of the AFL Coaches Association. 

Kayne Pettifer reported for striking Leigh Fisher in Q1 by Umpire Martin Ellis.

    Friday 22 June 2007

    vs Melbourne @ MCG
Round 12 - 46,161

R: 6.3.39 / 12.8.80 / 14.12.96 / 18.16.124
M: 2.2.14 / 2.4.16 / 8.6.54 / 11.9.75

Toss won by Richmond.

Goalkickers: Brown 3.1 , Pettifer 3.0 , Richardson 3.6, Tivendale 3.1, Deledio 2.1, Hyde 2.0 , Johnson 1.0 , Tuck 1.0

Richmond win their first premiership match since Rd 21 2006.

Of Matthew Richardson’s 6 behinds- 3 of them hit the post.

    Nathan Brown returns to his first premiership match since Rd 17 2006


    Tuesday 19 June 2007

    Richard Tambling (currently on 43 games) signs a three year extension to his contract on this day, carrying him through to the 2010 season.
    Friday 15 June 2007

    Kerang Train Crash takes life of former Richmond Under 19's player
    The Kerang Train crash on June 5th sadly took the life of 11 people, including Mr Graeme McMonnies.

Mr McMonnies represented the Richmond Football Club in the Under 19’s in the 1976 season.

In particular, he was voted amongst the six best players for the Round 4 1976 match against Collingwood, which Richmond won 25.18.168 to 21.14.140.

The following week, he was again voted in the six best players in Richmond’s Round 5 loss to Footscray.

In Round 8 1976 he is recorded as kicking his first goal for the season in Richmond’s 43 pts win over Melbourne.

    His passing at the age of 50 years old, is a sad chapter in the history of Richmond’s Under 19’s competition.

    Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.
    Saturday 10 June 2007

    vs Fremantle @ Subiaco
Round 11

R: 4.5.29 / 6.9.45 / 10.10.70 / 15.12.102
F: 1.3.9 / 4.8.32 / 10.9.69 / 18.15.123

    Goalkickers: Pettifer 3.2 , Tambling 3.0 , Edwards 2.0 , Richardson 2.2 , Newman 1.0 , Kingsley 1.1 , Deledio 1.0, Howat 1.0 , Hyde 1.0

Late Change: Cleve Hughes replaces Greg Tivendale

Toss won by Richmond.

Many supporters arrive late to the match after a bomb scare at the central train station prevents the arrival of all trains.

Chris Newman plays his 100th game for Richmond and kicks the last goal of the first quarter from 10 metres inside the centre square.

Richmond wear black arm bands in memory of those killed in the Kerang Train Crash, in particular in memory of Mr Graeme McMonnies, who represented the club in the Under 19’s in 1976.

Graeme Polak lines up against his original team (Fremantle) for the first time. His first kick for goal, from a set shot is a behind.

Richard Tambling kicks Richmond’s first goal after only 30 seconds from outside 50.

Richmond’s 11th straight loss this season, and 12th straight overall (including Rd 22 2006)
    Saturday 2 June 2007
vs Brisbane @ Telstra Dome
Round 10 Draw. 28,093

R: 2.4.16 / 4.7.31 / 8.9.57 / 10.13.73
B: 1.5.11 / 5.8.38 / 10.10.70 / 10.13.73

Goals: Richardson 2.2 / Tambling 2.1 / Schulz 1.0 / Jackson 1.0 / Kingsley 1.0 / Edwards 1.1 / Deledio 1.2 / Pettifer 1.2

Richmond’s 2nd game at the Telstra Dome for the season.

Richmond and Brisbane draw for the first ever time. It was the 137th League draw. 

Kayne Pettifer kicks the Richmond goal which levels the scores with just over one minute left of play in the last quarter.

Richmond’s last drawn match was Rd 15 1995 vs Essendon. No current Richmond player played in that match.

    SATURDAY 2 JUNE 2007

    Nathan Brown returned to a competitive football match by playing for the Coburg Tiger Reserves vs Northern Bullants at Preston Oval.

He was driven to the match by the Coburg Fitness Coach.

Wearing Number 82, Nathan kicked his first goal with his first kick and his second goal in the second quarter.

He finishes the match at half time, and left Preston Oval during the third quarter. In total he played 20 minutes of football - 10 minutes on and off in both quarters.

    Northern Bullants 4.4  8.6  9.9  15.12 (102)
    Coburg Tigers         3.1  6.5  11.9  15.10 (100)

    Northern Bullants: Davies 5 Hocking 3 Siciliano 3 Colbert 2 Bannister  Meese 

    Coburg Tigers: Currie 4 Peterson 3 Brown 2 Dagher 2 Liddle  Hartigan  McErlain  Lynch

    Northern Bullants: Colbert Dobby Micevski Davies Fahour Meese
    Coburg Tigers: Currie Carrick Hill Krojs McErlain Liddle

    FRIDAY 26 MAY 2007
vs ESSENDON - 61,837 LOSS
R: 2.3.15 / 6.6.42 / 10.9.69 / 12.12.84
E: 3.4.22 / 5.9.39 / 7.14.56 / 12.20.92
    Goals: Richardson 4.2 / Jackson 3.1 / Krakouer 2.0 / Tambling 1.1 / Deledio 1.1 / Pattison 1.0/


Andrew Krakouer plays his 100th Richmond game, and former Richmond coach Danny Frawley addresses the players before the match about Krakouer’s contribution.
During the match he also kicks his 100th goal.

Kent Kingsley becomes the 1,069th player to debut for Richmond.
Jack Riewoldt becomes the 1,070th player to debut for Richmond

Thredbo survivor Stuart Diver as well addresses the players before the match.

Matthew Richardson plays despite having a fractured eye socket and 13 stitches. He finished with 11 marks and 13 kicks. 

Towards the end of the match, Richardson gives away a free kick for push in the back on the 50 metre line, as well as a 50 metre penalty after playing on and kicking a goal. Supporters and the media criticise the interpretation of the ‘hands in the ball’ ruling for this year.

Richmond lose their 9th consecutive game since the start of the season, and 10th consecutive (including Rd 22 2006).

Essendon beats Richmond for the first time at the MCG since Rd 15 2004.

    FRIDAY18 MAY 2007

R: 3.3.20 / 8.3.51 / 9.3.57 / 14.6.90
A: 7.1.43 / 8.5.53 / 11.10.76 / 14.15.99
    Goals: Richardson 3 , Meyer 2 ,  Foley 1 , Pettifer 1, Polo  1, King  1, Howat  1, Jackson 1 , Deledio , Polak
    The initial coin toss gets stuck in the grass. The re-toss is won by Adelaide.

Richmond lose their first 8 games of a season, bettering the VFA record from 1887.

The first two centre ruck contests results in infringements against Richmond.

Richmond players wear black arm bands in memory of former Richmond captain and Best and Fairest winner Des Rowe.
     Richmond players again touch the ‘HURT” sign above the race prior to running out.

Chris Hyde is a late change and replaced by Andrew Krakouer.

Richmond level the scores with 10 minutes into the last quarter.  Matthew Richardson is accidentally kicked in the eye by Andrew Krakouer and takes no further part in the last 10 minutes of the game.  

Terry Wallace coaches his 200th AFL match (52 Richmond / 148 Footscray)

    SATURDAY 12 MAY 2007
    R: 3.2.20 / 2.9.27 / 5.12.42 / 10.15.75
P: 5.4.34 / 10.10.70 / 14.16.100 / 16.19.115

Goals: Jay Schultz 2.1, Kayne Pettifer 2.3, Mathew Richardson 2.0, Brett Deledio 2.1, Graham Polack 1.0, Shane Tuck 1.0

    For the first time in the AFL , Richmond lose their first seven games of the season.   This also equals their 1887 VFA record of 7 losses to start a season  (5 losses and 2 draws)

As they walk out for the match, the Richmond players touch a yellow and black sign reading 'Hurt' above the door way.

Richmond drop Kelvin Moore, Danny Meyer, Daniel Jackson as well lose Troy Simmonds (ankle) and Richard Tambling (shoulder).

Kane Johnson is reported for wrestling and accepts a $900 fine for first offence.

Brett Deledio's 50th game.

Kayne Pettifer wears black arm band in memory of a relative.

Des Rowe, passes away in the afternoon at the age of 81.

    MONDAY 7 MAY 2007

Richmond Director of Football Greg Miller writes a letter of apology to Richmond Members

I offer my heartfelt apologies to each and every Richmond Member. I understand the pain and disappointment that you all feel. I know what football means to you all and the pride you have in your Club. We have tested your loyalty and commitment many times over the years and thankfully you have trusted and believed in the current administration, bestowed with the honor of guiding your Club.

Yesterday’s result will test your belief and trust. I can only reiterate what I have said before, the process for sustained success is in place. A stable, strong, strategic Board led by a man who really cares – Gary March. A very capable Senior Administration, who under Steven Wright has turned around the Club’s financial position. A Match Committee of hard working and creative people, with strong values, led by Terry Wallace. It is clear that Terry, more than anyone, has bought the Richmond family back together.

Don’t measure the playing group on yesterday’s performance alone. Senior players are either injured (Coughlan, Brown, Simmonds) or not in career best form. Leadership/experience is a very important ingredient you rely on when you bring a younger group together. Yes, we have moved on a few experienced players and may suffer short-term consequences; however our sights are clearly set on the next Tiger Premiership.

I believe in our youth. The camaraderie, talent and attitude of the players at our Club is outstanding. They will excite you at times and disappoint you at others. We will sort out who will go on the journey with us and ensure we get games under the belt of those that will take the Club forwards.

Many will say we’ve heard it before but if you love Richmond, you will take a deep breath and trust that the foundations are solid, and in place.

We will not be responding to the media hysteria, and will adhere to our policies and direction. We’ll learn from the weekend and trust the performance will never be repeated.

    SUNDAY 6 MAY 2007
5.10pm TELSTRA DOME  ROUND 6 - LOSS  34,584
TOSS: Geelong.

R: 1.1.7 /     2.7.19 /    5.9.39 /    9.11.65
G 10.2.62 / 20.6.126 / 29.9.183 / 35.12.222
Hughes 3.3  , Richardson 2.2  , Tuck 2.1  , White 1.0   , Pettifer  1.1


Richmond lose their 7th consecutive match (including Round 22 2006).  
    Their 6th straight loss for the season is their equal worst opening performance in the League ( = 1962).
    Richmond suffer its greatest League defeat since entry in the League.   The 157 point margin exceeded the 141 losing margin from Rd 2 1990 vs Nth Melbourne at the MCG.

It is Geelong's largest score against Richmond ever, their largest Quarter 1, Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 score against Richmond.

In his 50th consecutive match, Kayne Pettifer is fined $1800 (a second offence for him) for wrestling Andrew Mackie during the second quarter.
    Shane Tuck plays his 50th consecutive match for Richmond .  

Terry Wallace coaches Richmond for the 50th time.
    Richmond wear black arm bands (further information waiting)
    In the Reserves, Kent Kingsley kicks 8 goals for the Coburg Tigers.
    SATURDAY 5 MAY 2007
Ray Hall is suspended 3 weeks by Richmond and fined $5000 and ordered to participate in community service after an incident in a Prahran bar earlier in the week.   Hall is currently recovering from an injury and will sit out his three weeks upon his return.
    FRIDAY 4 MAY 2007
At a press conference, Darren Gaspar announces his immediate retirement from playing for the Richmond Football Club.
He decision prompted the club to promote Kelvin Moore into the Rd 6 match vs Geelong as Gaspar was already selected in the starting line up.  Darren Gaspar finishes his AFL career with 228 games.
    THURSDAY 3 MAY 2007
Kane Johnson is fined $10,000 in total for two criticisms of umpires, at half time and post match.  Each offence drew $5000 with a further $2500 being suspended in the event of any further breaches in the next 3 years.

    WEDNESDAY 2 MAY 2007
Terry Wallace advises Darren Gaspar that the club will be playing young defenders ahead of Darren in the best interests of the Tigers on-field future.

    SATURDAY  28 APRIL 2007
2.15pm MCG   ROUND 5 - LOSS  27,326

R:  5.3.33 / 6.4.40 / 8.7.55 / 11.10.76
W: 2.6.18 / 8.10.58 / 10.13.78 / 14.14.99

Tambling 4.0  , Hughes 3.0  , Deledio 1.0  ,  Jackson 1.0  ,  J Bowden 1.0   , Pettifer 1.1  ,
    Best:  Polak, Deledio, Tamlbing, J Bowden, Newman, Raines
    Richmond Banner:  Troy 'Snake' Simmonds Congratulations on 150 SSSSuper Games.  Motorola.
    An Anzac Ceremony is held prior to the match.   Chris Judd wins the toss.
    Richmond lose their 5th straight match at the start of a season for the first time since 1982.
It is Richmond's 6th straight loss (including Rd 22 2006 loss)
    Richards Tambling kicks 4 goals in the first quarter for Richmond.
    Jay Schultz kicks 3 behinds in the first quarter for Richmond.

Richardson held goalless for the first time since Rd 16 2006.

Luke McGuane takes a spectacular mark over Adam Hunter of West Coast and Joel Bowden of Richmond.
    Brett Deledio kicked a goal from within the centre square of the MCG in the third quarter with a torpedo/

Darren Gaspar's last game of football with the Richmond Football Club.

After the game, at the post match press conference, Kane Johnson criticises the umpires performance: 
I think alot of the times with the holding the ball rules they were inconsistent.  
I think alot of tackles we put on and they were dropping the ball but they just let it go, but when we did it they called holding ball. 
It just wasn't right.  I think you got to have a good look at it and hopefully they get it right next week.  I just hope they do get it right because it cause alot of frustration amongst the players out on the ground.'
Terry Wallace interrupts Kane and says: 'We will move on to the rest of the game'

    SATURDAY 21 APRIL 2007
At the 18 minutes and 7 second mark of the 2nd quarter against StKilda, Essendon's Matthew Lloyd kicks his 779th career goal and surpasses Richmond's Kevin Bartlett (778) into tenth place on the all time goalkicking list.

    FRIDAY  20 APRIL 2007
7.40pm MCG   ROUND 4
    R: 4.2.26 / 5.5.35 / 8.13.61 / 14.16.100
W: 6.4.40 / 10.8.68 / 12.11.83 / 20.12.132
    Goals: Richardson 3.2 , Polak 3.1 , Hyde 3.0, Schulz 2.2, Bowden P 1.0, Tivendale  1.0, Tuck 1.1
    Richmond lose their first 4 matches of the season, for the first time since 1991.
    At the 31 minute and 7 second mark of the first quarter, Matthew Richardson marks 20 metres in front and kicks his 700th goal- becoming only the 3rd Richmond player to do so behind Kevin Bartlett (778) and Jack Titus (970)
    Shane Edwards becomes the 1,067th Richmond player to debut.  He is the fifth 'Edwards' to play League football for Richmond behind, Bert Edwards (1938), Bill Edwards (1959), Alan Edwards (1975), Stuart Edwards (1992).

Jake King becomes the 1,068th Richmond player to debut.  He is the second 'King' to play League football for Richmond behind Clinton King (2000).  
He is also reported, in his first game, for wrestling Scott West in the last quarter by Emergency Umpire Scott McLaren and accepts a $900 fine. 

Terry Wallace's 450th football match as player and coach in total.

Richmond avert a potentially costly fine of $10,000 after 23 players nearly participated in the warmup.  AFL rules only allow 22 players in the warmup, however Daniel Jackson was about to enter the arena, whilst Shane Tuck was going through a fitness test in the warm up.

    FRIDAY  13 APRIL 2007
7.40pm MCG  70,569    ROUND 3
    R: 5.5.35 / 7.10.52 / 11.10.76 / 13.12.90
C: 2.3.15 / 4.6.30 / 11.10.76 / 17.13.115
Schulz 3.2 , Richardson 3.4 , Krakouer 3.0 , Tivendale 2.1 ,  Johnson 1.0 , Pettifer 1.1
The biggest Richmond vs. Collingwood crowd since April 20th 2001

Shane Tuck's 50th game

Kane Johnson breaks a bone in his hand during the game: 'I was just shepherding and I snapped the bone in the outside of my hand.' (RFC 24/4/07) He continues to play the remainder of the game.

    SATURDAY  7 APRIL 2007
2.10pm MCG  37,985
    R: 1.1.7 / 5.2.32 / 10.3.63 / 11.6.72    
S: 4.0.24 / 6.6.42 / 10.7.67 / 13.10.88
    Goals: Richardson 2.1,  Hyde 2.0 ,  Schultz 2.1,  Tambling 2.0,  Tivendale 1.1,  Bowden J 1.0,  Foley 1.0,
Kane Johnson wins the toss and points to the Ponsford End, yet Richmond begin the first quarter kicking to the City End.

Chris Hyde is injured in the pre match warm up, but takes the field and plays out the game

    SUNDAY 1 APRIL 2007
5.10pm MCG  59,847
    R    5.2.32/10.4.64 / 13.7.85 / 15.8.98
C:   5.5.35/ 6.11.41 /10.17.77/ 15.25.115
    Goals: Pettifer 4.0,  Richardson 3.2, Tivendale 2.0, Schulz 2.1, Tuck 1.1, Howat 1.0, Hyde 1.0, Tambling 1.1
Richmond wear black arms bands for 1980 Premiership player Terry Smith.   This is Richmond's first senior premiership match, since Terry's death from cancer late last year.

Graham Polak becomes the 1,066th Richmond player to debut.
    Richmond Banner:  Traditional Rivals Here at the 'G'. We're Gunna See Richmond Win Convincingly.
    Kane Johnson, with the club's first kick of the season, from the centre ruck contest and kicks the ball the wrong way- some 40 metres into Carlton's forward line.
    Carlton comeback from 27 points down , 10 minutes into the third quarter to win by 17 pts
    Kayne Pettifer kicks Richmond first goal of the 2007 season.  
Matthew Richardson kicks Richmond's first behind (hit the post) of the 2007 season.
    Biggest Rd 1 crowd for Richmond since 2003 (61,058)

Richmond and Carlton's first Round 1 meeting since 1983.

    FRIDAY 30 MARCH 2007

 At 12.34pm, Richmond Immortal Kevin Bartlett, walks into the Grand Hyatt Savoy Room, and into his first Richmond function in 16 years.  His appearance at the Tommy Hafey Club Function, kept a secret, co-incided with a celebration of the Tigers and Blues rivalry.

Bartlett, seated at Table 3 with Tom Hafey,  was introduced by MC Rex Hunt, prior to the lunch break.  The 500+ audience gave him a 1 minute ovation, including some tables providing a standing ovation.  Bartlett respond by rising from his table and waving with his right hand.

 He did not take the stage during the event, but was photographed after the event with Tom Hafey, waving the 'Tiger Towel.'
    Earlier in the day, Nathan Brown announces to the media he will miss a few weeks after swelling in his leg, centimetres below where he snapped his shin bones.  Remarkably, he had not missed a training session or practice match all pre season.

    TUESDAY 27 MARCH 2007
At the Regent Theatre, 4 former players are inducted into the 2007 Richmond Hall of Fame.

ALEC EDMOND (deceased)
VFA player 1899 - 1907  (126 games)
Richmond Captain 1901 - 1907
Premiership Captain 1903 + 1905
Runner Up Captain 1901, 1902, 1904.

ALLAN GEDDES (deceased)
VFL player 1925-1935
Premiership Player 1932 + 1934
Victorian Rep 9 times
Richmond Captain 1927 -1928 + 1930

VFL player 1961-1970
Premiership Player 1967 + 1969
Best and Fairest 1965
Victoria Rep 11 times

VFL/AFL player 1974 - 1982, 1990-1991
Premiership Player 1974 + 1980
Victoria Rep 8 times
Goals: 272
    Rookies Cameron Howat, Jake King are elevated to the senior list on this night.

    THURSDAY 22 MARCH 2007
JOEL BOWDEN is appointed President of the AFL Players Association.

    SATURDAY 17 MARCH 2007
Coburg Tigers including Riewoldt, Edwards, Meyer, Jackson, Jarrad Oakleigh-Nicholls, Hyde, Hartigan, Hughes, White, Clingan play Bendigo in the curtain raiser at 4.45pm at Casey Fields, before the Hawthorn vs Essendon match.

Coburg: 3.2.20 / 3.3.21 / 6.5.41 / 10.7.67
Bendigo: 1.1.7 / 8.7.55 / 10.9.69 / 17.10.112

Goals: Joe Gazzo 3, Edwards 1, Meyer 1, Jackson 1, Oakley-Nicholls 1, Hyde 1, White 1, Sewell 1.

    FRIDAY 16 MARCH 2007
4.30pm QUANDONG PARK (MILDURA) - WIN - 10,700

R    3.2.20/6.4.40 / 9.9.63 / 10.12.72
C:   1.4.10 /5.7.37   5.10.40 /9.11.65 

Goals: Brown 4, Foley 1, Tivendale 1, Schulz 1, Tuck 1, Bowden P 1, Polak 1.
This match was in support of the AFL's Drought Relief Efforts.
    Tickets to watch the practice match were:
Adults - $14.00
Concession - $8.00
Child-  $2.00
Family- $28
Entry was free for all Richmond 2007 Members

    SATURDAY 10 MARCH 2007

R    0.3.3 / 6.7.43 / 7.12.54 / 10.15.75
M: 3.3.21 / 8.7.55 / 11.10.76 / 15.13.103

GOALS: Polak 2, Pettifer 2, Meyer 2, Schultz 2, Tuck 1, Hartigan 1
Gasper, Deledio, Raines, Polak, Brown, Bowden Joel, Knobel, Polo, Pettifer, Johnson, Tuck, Meyer, Jackson, Schultz, Krakouer, Hyde, Tivendale, Hartigan, Hughes, McGuane, Moore, Foley, Howat Graham, King, Newman, 

Chris Newman, Brett Deledio, Andrew Raines, Graham Polak, Nathan Brown, Joel Bowden, Trent Knobel, Dean Polo, Kayne Pettifer, Kane Johnson, Shane Tuck, Danny Meyer, Daniel Jackson, Jay Schulz, Adam Pattison, Andrew Krakouer, Chris Hyde, Greg Tivendale, Brent Hartigan, Cleve Hughes, Will Thursfield, Luke McGuane, Kelvin Moore, Nathan Foley, Cameron Howat, Jacob King.

Richmond wears black arm bands in memory of former AFL Commissioner Ron Evans.
    A Richmond Reserves team, consisting of 15 senior Richmond players and 7 Coburg players including Patrick Bowden, Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls, Edwards, Connors, Clingan, White, Tambling, Riewoldt, Collins, Al Neville, Paul Shelton defeat the Coburg Tigers 
18.8.116 to 12.10.82. in the curtain raiser.
It is reported that Patrick Bowden kicks 7 goals.

Tickets to watch the practice match were:
Adults - $10.00
Concession - $5.00
Junior 6-14 $2.00
Junior under 6 - free
Family- 2 adult + 2 Junior - $20
Entry was free for all Richmond 2007 Members

1pm MANUKA OVAL - 3,365 - LOSS

S: 5.2.32 /  8.3.51 /11.5.71 / 13.7.85
R: 2.1.13 / 4.3.27 / 6.6.42 /   10.6.66

Johnson 2 ,Graham 2, Pattison 1, Howat 2, Hartigan 1, Krakouer 1, Schulz 1.
    BEST: Tambling, Johnson, Schulz, Howat, Krakouer (The Age)
Deledio, Riewoldt, Edwards, Johnson, Meyer, Jackson, Schulz, Pattison, Krakouer, Oakley-Nicholls, Tambling, Hyde, Hartigan, Hughes, White, Thursfield, McGuane, Connors, Moore, Foley, Collins, Howat, Graham, Clingan, King.

Richmond's team took the field with only an average of 24 senior games between them.

Ray Hall and Kent Kingsley , both undergo minor surgery - Hall had a 'fascia release in his hip' and Kingsley tendon repair work on his ankle.

Andrew Krakouer is cleared of engaging in rough conduct by the Tribunal, after Michael Tovey QC argued the contact was accidental.  Darren Milburn himself gave evidence via the telephone during the 1 hour hearing.  The jury deliberated for 8 minutes before their verdict.

PRESEASON:  NAB Cup  LOSS  vs GEELONG @ Skilled Stadium 3.30pm

G: 47 / 87 / 131 / -139pts
R: -12 / - 36 / - 60 / - 96 pts


GRAHAM POLAK'S first game in a Richmond guernsey. (non premiership match)

NATHAN BROWN captains Richmond in KANE JOHNSON'S absence (injured with a calf muscle)

MATTHEW RICHARDSON takes himself of the field due to hamstring soreness prior to Halftime, and does not return for the game.

ANDREW KRAKOUER injures his knee and does not play most of the second half.

RICHMOND wear black arm bands in memory of long serving Richmond timekeeper MR ROY WATKINS.

Richmond are yet to defeat Geelong in their 5 pre season matches.
1957, 1979, 1998, 2002, 2006

ANDREW KRAKOUER reported by Umpire Kieran Nicholls for allegedly kicking Darren Milburn (Geel) during the second quarter.  This report is later downgraded to 'rough conduct' by the Match Review Panel.

About 7,000 supporters are let in for free , after a 400metre queue was still outside , with about 5 minutes before the start of the game.  Geelong FC and the AFL agreed to open up the gates and let those patrons in for free.

CHRIS NEWMAN'S first game back , since breaking his leg in Round 13 2006.

The Curtain Raiser match, COBURG TIGERS vs GEELONG ends in a draw.  The last quarter only runs 12 minutes and 29 seconds 
Coburg Tigers: 3.4.22 / 3.6.24 / 6.8.44 / 7.9.51
Geelong:          2.3.15 / 4.6.30 / 8.8.44 / 7.9.51
Terry Wallace chooses Andrew Collins, Jack Riewoldt and Daniel Connors as the standout players.

RICHMOND only had one player who kicked a behind, Greg Tivendale.  It's remaining 2 behinds were both rushed.

KANE JOHNSON withdrawals from the NAB Squad against Geelong and is replaced by DANIEL JACKSON

The original squad is listed as:
Chris Newman
Darren Gaspar
Brett Deledio
Andrew Raines
Graham Polak
Nathan Brown
Shane Edwards
Joel Bowden
Matthew Richardson
Trent Knobel
Dean Polo
Kayne Pettifer
Patrick Bowden
Kane Johnson
Shane Tuck
Danny Meyer
Adam Pattison
Andrew Krakouer
Richard Tambling
Chris Hyde
Greg Tivendale
Brent Hartigan
Cleve Hughes
Matthew White
Kelvin Moore
Nathan Foley
Cam Howat
Angus Graham

At the Richmond Football Club Family Day in Jells Park, Wheelers Hill, Terry Wallace announces the NAB 15 Challenge:

1. Deledio 4925
2. Foley 4914
3. Howat 4836
4. Tambling 4510
5. Krakouer 4476
6. Pettifer 4404
7. Tivendale 4369
8. J. Bowden 4357
9. Tuck 4325
10. Brown 4274
11. Raines 4248
12. P. Bowden 4234
13. Moore 4216
14. White 4214
15. Newman 4196

Also joining them for automatic selection in the NAB Cup opener against Geelong are:
Richard Tambling
Andrew Krakouer
Kayne Pettifer
Greg Tivendale
Joel Bowden
Shane Tuck
Nathan Brown
Andrew Raines
Patrick Bowden
Kelvin Moore
Matthew White
Chris Newman


Richmond participate in an intra-club match at Casey Fields in Cranbourne.  

NOTES:  Kent Kingsley jars his ankle during the game, requiring surgery.
  Former Berwick junior footballer Logan Hill, (currently with Coburg) accepts and invitation to play in the game.

Richmond participate in an intra club match at Wonthaggi at 4pm.

BLACKS:   1.0 / 2.4 / 6.10 / 8.11.59
WHITE:   1.3 / 4.7 / 5.9 / 8.13.61

Whites:  G. Howat (1), Haritgan (2), Graham (1), Pettifer (1)
Blacks:   G. McGuane (2), White, Meyer

Team Rawlings (whites):

Andrew Raines
Will Smith (Coburg)
Mike Petit (Coburg)
Chris Petit (Coburg)
Fortunato Caruso (Coburg)
Logan Hill (Coburg)
Nick Flinch (Coburg)
Hayden Brown (Tarwin)
Pat Mcgrath (Coburg)
Damien Rayson (Coburg)
    Team McRae (Blacks):

Brenton Burns (Stony Creek)
P Bowden
Aaron Ware (Wonthaggi)
Alistair Green (Tarwin)
James Keogh (Coburg)
Christain Underwood (Yarram)
Andrew Horn (Coburg)
Ben Dowd (Coburg)
Ben Young (Wonthaggi)
Ryan Anderson (Coburg)
Jim Gilliland (Wonthaggi)
Jake King

MARK COUGHLAN advises his teammates and the club that he will undergo a second knee reconstruction on the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.  A slip in the shower before Christmas was the first sign to Coughlan that his knee had not properly healed after the initial surgery.

Scratch Match @ Vic Park
3 x 15 mins quarters

YELLOWS:  2.0/ 7.1/ 9.1.55
WHITES:    3.2 / 5.4 / 7.9.51

WHITES: King, Thursfield, Hughes, Clingan, Riewoldt, Connors, Tivendale, Raines, White, King, Howat, Krakouer, Bowden P, Casserly, Pettifer, Raines, McGuane, Tuck,  Graham

YELLOW: Brown, Hughes, Jackson, Haritgan, Richardson, Polo, Meyer, Tambling, Foley, Meyer, Johnson, Newman, Deledio, Moore, Polak, Gasper, Knobel, Hall


Scratch Match @ Gosch's Paddock 
2 x 15 mins quarters

WHITES: 1.1 / 6.3.39
BLACKS: 3.3 / 3.3.21


Tuck, Richardson, Pettifer, Brown, Jackson, Krakouer, Johnson, Foley, Tuck , Tivendale, Tambling, Connors, Moore, Hughes, Clingan, Thursfield, Knobel

BLACKS: Polak, Gasper, Raines, Newman, King, Bowden P, Howat, Deledio, Polo, Casserly, White, Haritgan, Riewoldt, Meyer, McGuane, Graham. 

NOTES:  Hyde, Coughlan and Collins do not participate in the scratch match, and instead practice at a nearby park their foot passing.

    FRIDAY 19 JANUARY 2007
Scratch Match @ Victoria Park
2 x quarters

YELLOWS: 3.2 / 5.2.34
WHITES:    0.2 / 0.3.3

WHITES:         NONE.

NOTES:  After the initial behinds from Polo and Johnson, and an out of bounds shot from Tivendale, Terry Wallace stops the match and orders the teams to do a 400 metre run as punishment.

Gasper, Moore, Bowden J, Polak, Raines, Connors, Graham, Tivendale, White, Tambling, Hartigan, Krakouer, Pattison, Jackson, Riewoldt, Deledio, Bowden P, 

Hughes, Brown, Knobel, Richardson, Meyer, Pettifer, Foley, Tuck, Edwards, Casserly, King, McGuane, Thursfield, Newman, Polo, Howat, Clingan.

    MONDAY 15 JANUARY 2007
Richmond's TROY SIMMONDS break his right ankle after landing awkwardly during a marking contest at training.